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Open display and computer without java and html code

Description: I have always thought that given the proper display angle, my website would make a great monitor display for films like Star Trek or 2001 Odyssey. Or even a Ship's Wheal for the Captain's Armchair. But in all my contacting I have never received any response. A complete description of the evolution of my computer to this open display, of how a computer might look if all the typewriting, java and html were stripped away, so that the viewer could look behind. So may I submit what has certainly both freed, and speeded up the Internet over the years simply by being there, what easily might take on a new outlook for the film hackers and what might keep you both occupied and content for hours to come. I hope to receive a response from you.
Need from others: Any ideas and commitment to take the concept further.
Author: bytafuc from United Kingdom  Posting reviewed by: 288 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 14 September 2004
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1002
Business Sector: Internet Image: Not available
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