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Selling HIV test kits in Russia

Description: The Eastern Europe and particularly Russia has currently one of the highest HIV infection rate in the world.
It is possible to get HIV tested in Russia, Moscow for about 10$ and it takes two days to get results.
I would like to try to sell do-it-yourself HIV test kits for about 37$. The price is higher but there are some undisputable advantages as privacy and speed. One can make a test at home and get a result in just 10 minutes. I think that the best customer segment could be sex workers, night and strip clubs. A direct, from door to door marketing and sales might be required in order to be successful.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I need somebody being interested in this idea, who is willing to research the market for similar products and potential competitors and who has a contact to the mentioned customer segment.
Author: ikowymi from Denmark 
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Country of business: Russian Federation  Published on: 29 September 2004
Region of business: Moscow Posting ID: 1023
Business Sector: health care Image: HIV test kit
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