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Supplier of offshore software development outsourcing

Description: Offshore software development outsourcing and maintenance services. Our company offers very simple, flexible and cheap approach for western companies to develop their software solutions on time and within small, fixed budget. Development center is located in Russia (St-Petersburg), because of high quality and low-cost workforce for software engineering.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
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Need Customers
Potential customers/partners are located in US, Canada, EU, Japan and other countries.
Two types of customers/partners:
1) Software development companies seeking approaches to minimize their development costs. We offer them two major options:
a. Per-project price negotiation - customer specifies software requirements and we do planning, project management, development, QA and support for price set at the beginning. For example, complex mobile phone software to be developed by 2 guys within 3 months will cost ~$20 000; another example: enterprise-wide network management software to be developed by 5 guys within 6 months will cost ~$100K.
b. Contract-based per-developer price ($3000 per developer/month or $20 dev/hour). Customer provides software requirements, we create project plan, customer approves it and we both fix price on per man-month basis.
2) Generic companies (e.g. bank, retailer, health care, insurance etc), which require custom software solution (e.g. online billing system, CRM system, ERP etc). We offer them very simple solution complete product development, with price fixed at the beginning of development, just after performing requirements analysis. RFP (request for proposal), requirements analysis and project planning absolutely free for customer. Payment may be done by two transactions: 30%-50% - at the beginning and the remainder just after project completion.
Author: vytynut from Russian Federation  Posting reviewed by: 255 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 27 December 2004
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1150
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