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Investor needed to re-write all legal Descriptions in county

Description: Everyone who owns land, private or business, has a legal description recorded in court house of the county which that property resides. Its either a 'plated subdivion' (in city limits) or recorded as a deed in the Recorder's office. This is public access and land surveyors, banks, title companies, and lawyers use this everyday. Some of the deeds recorded are in error in the decription of the property. I want to correct this error by research and correctly re-write only the faulty decriptions. I plan to start with the smallest county in Alabama (Limestone). I would like input on who and where to submit the plan, I feel the state or federal government should pay for my work and not each land owner. The benifit for this would be reduce research time for the fore mention group of people plus the Tax Asscessor's Office would also benfit.
Need from others: A bussiness plan, input on fees as to what to charge. Land Surveyors currently charge appox. $100.00 an hour but I feel I can do this at a small percentage. I also need start up funds.
Author: aferubi from United States  Posting reviewed by: 237 users
Country of business: US Alabama  Published on: 30 December 2004
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 1156
Business Sector: legal services Image: Not available
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