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Investor needed for educational book publishing in India

Description: I completed my B.E (Engineering) in Electronics and communication branch in Veltech engineering college Chennai. I am a hard working student. I am not a MBA student, but I love to work on business projects.
The word I like the most is "Creativity". I love to create business plans (Ideas). Every day I love to think about various types of business plans. With my creative plans, I can make anyone’s financial status hike.
I created a project idea to make any book publishers (Education books) NO-1 in India. With my creativity, I can make this possible. I can make any investor in India NO-1 in Book Industry. For this, I created a beautiful plan (Idea). With the help of this creative plan any publisher or investor can become NO-1 in India. Book means educational books. For example Publishers like:
1. Tata McGraw-Hill publications
2. Schand publications and so on.
I want to market my business Idea. This is not a small project, the annual turn over will be in scores in Book industry. I have all the ingredients required:
1. Creativity
2. Innovation
3. Hard work
I need: 1. Assistance.
Any investor in India can contact me to deal with this project. The educational system in India is very vast. Any investors in India who want to start a new business like book publishing with definitely succeed in India. I will give my first preference to great companies in India like Tata, Birlagroup, Reliance and others. If any big investors are interested in my project, they can contact me. With my experience and creative talent, I can make any one NO-1 in Book publishing Industry.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
I need only 15% share and 20 lakhs in advance. I can make you NO-1 in India.
Some details of my project:
Here is very interesting and great news for Publishers and Investors. In my four years of education, I referred on various books for my Education. I observed many students including my friends suffering in referring various Books for their curriculum. Most of them refer different categories of Books. I divided them into three categories:
1. Distinction
2. Average
3. Below Average

1. Distinction:
These people are highly intellectual. They love to study only foreign author books (Written by foreign authors).

2. Average:
These people are hard working. They love to study only Local author books.

3. Below Average:
These people are not having good basics. They love to study only Local author books.

In our Electronics and communication branch, there were 60 students. Among those, 50 students follow only local author books. Remaining 10 students follow both Foreign and Local author books. In Tamilnadu 85% of student community follow only Local author books.

Total numbers of engineering colleges in India are estimated over 2529.
Eg: Take Tamilnadu:

In B.E we had nearly 40 subjects, means 40 books, like that for different branches different books are present. Nearly there will be more then 2000 books, student community is following in Engineering. If you publish these books with in a period of time all over India, you will earn scores. This is not a simple project of publishing books. They should be published in a better way. The demand for Local author books is more compared to foreign author books.

Process of books publishing:
1. They should meet the requirements of students
2. Show things in a different mode
3. Show them in a better way
4. Marketing procedure should be in an intelligent way.

I worked on this project and prepared 7 principles, which can make you the best. These principles are based on:
1. Psychology of a student
2. Plain publicity
3. Marketing.

I have a great business mind. Only you have to do is give me a chance.
The federation of Indian publishers estimated that there are 11,266 book publishers in India. The number of booksellers in India is estimated over 500,000. Estimates indicate that there are about 1,000 government agencies and autonomous bodies engaged in publishing books in India. The public sector, therefore, is an important player in book production.

Taking it from government point of view the highest priority by government, which controls most textbook production at school level.

Coming to foreign books, they are strong on subject coverage and are more professional in presentation. McGraw-Hill publishing company opened the Indian market for U.S books. The major suppliers of U.S books in India are:
1. Aditya Books Pvt. (L), New Delhi
2. Affiliated East-West press Pvt. (L), New Delhi
3. Allied publishers Limited, Mumbai
4. Capital Book Pvt. (L), Calcutta
5. International Book House Pvt. (L), Mumbai and so on.

To sell books in high volume, they must carry a low price. Publishers that produce books in India face lower production costs and can sell books at low prices. Consequently, many U.S.
But due to further competition in book industry by different publishers, no one is greatly profited. Without knowing the requirements of students, they are simply publishing books and trying to give discounts. But there is no use. Nobody is able to know what the fault is. To overcome all these faults I had created my way to make you successful in this field.

If we start this project we can deal with Education system of India in every state.
There are many degrees in India. For example:
1. Accounting
2. Art and Design
3. Business
4. Computer Science
5. Criminal Justice
6. Engineering
7. Law
8. Nursing
9. Pharmacy
10. Psychology.

Not only are these there many degrees. There will be thousands of books student community is following. If you publish all those books in a better way, no one will dare to compete with you.

I created this project since 4 years and I am looking for good investors who can deal this .If I was given a chance, I will show the strength of my creativity and hard work to prove myself and for your better future. My dream is to make this project to big companies like Tata group, Reliance and others.
Author: akoloda from India  Posting reviewed by: 840 users
Country of business: India  Published on: 16 January 2005
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 1180
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