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Photography printed by color laser printer

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Description: Currently, the price of the photographic development system is over USD 100,000 and second hand is over USD 30,000. The injkect printing is suitable for Home-DIY only. Considering the low price of A4 color laser printers such as EPSON, HP, Konica Minolta, Dell, IBM and Lexmark is less than USD 650 and it is possible to apply for photographic printing. The photo paper is another key point, beside the basic requirement of high image quality, it not only needs to overcome many problems from color laser printer also provide more features such as using recycle paper for environmental protection, wet-proof, tear-proof, yellowish-proof and so on. The business idea is going to bundle prompt printing by color laser printer with photo paper together and can bring new style of photographic industry creating new business at scenic spot, playing land, museum, stadium, memorial hall, cinema, hotel, plaza, mall and airport. The investment to run a small photographical store is about USD 5,000 including image editing software package, computer with peripherals, color laser printer, interior decoration, furniture and advertising board or flag. Considering the printing cost, it is about USD 1 per A4 size printing included toner and photo paper. The selling price can be over USD 2 and the add value is depending on how to design the attractive background of picture to integrate customer’s images. Besides photo printing, the other opportunity is going to join photo album to increase business volume.
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Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Hope my future business partners can set up small photographic store and chain-like alliance to expand at their potential region. Photo paper is delivered from me and my future business partners can collect color laser printer and computer with peripherals from local resource and supporting.
Author: linudat from Taiwan  Posting reviewed by: 668 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 30 January 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1219
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