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Looking for marketing partners for our websites

Description: We are an online business in advertising and connection services. We built our own proprietary software and internet technologies to address specific needs of both clients and vendors. I designed and developed most of the software and applications on the internet including the design of two websites.
One website provides connection services to clients and users in the U.S. We opted to market these services locally by cities due to funding constraints as opposed to national.
The other website was a turnkey application for worldwide advertising. Initially, we provided online advertising spaces for free and saw increase in subscription (I noticed that the increased subscribership was partly due to ad-sniffer software programs that had been used to scan all online free advertising and jammed these online free advertising with repeated ads coming from single source thereby eating up computer/server spaces). There were several layers of subscribership and we opted to convert all subscribership to paid subscribership. We realized that there is potential for paid subscribership. We have limited funding ability to fully market this advertising business. We have the ability to secure common stocks and plans to raise fundings thru U.S. Over The Counter Small Stock Exchanges. However, we would still need solid marketing partnership/alliances from highly leveraged marketing professionals/small companies.

A separate website I created deals with engineering design, simulation, analysis, and consulting focused on Integrated Circuits, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), Chipsets, MultiChip Modules (MCMs), Machine Design, Kinematics, Electromagnetics, Signal Integrity, Vibration and Shock Analysis, Microwave and RF, Analog and Digital Designs, Cooling and Thermal Effects Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, and Rapid Prototype Manufacturing (RPM). In addition, I am in the applications stage in Software Development using Advanced Computing Algorithms for above fields. My background had been on the defense, semiconductor, and consulting fields. Educated with advanced degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. During my stints in the industry, I constantly see products built outside the U.S. to be lacking standards, failing rigid engineering analysis, and at times primary source of systems / product failures. So, I certainly would like to see small companies / individual contributors to align themselves to standards not only saves potential company / individual resources but increases profitability.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Need highly professional and leveraged marketing alliances / partnerships with companies or individuals for both the first and second website. The first website (connection service) will primarily be a US market. The model if successful could be cross-licensed to other countries for global marketing. Need similar qualities to the advertising website. Open to percentage common stock distributions. In other words, you will own percentage of the company from common stock distributions and profits are derivative solely from marketing performance results. You have potential to ride out the stocks if the venture is successful. Your ideas can also be in the form of highly leveraged marketing website creation or marketing software.

The third website is primarily a consulting website looking for potential markets globally. In other words, you could be a consulting / market partner in those countries that have either U.S. subcontracted companies or local companies. We'll talk about details in how we share profits and earnings.
Author: cusogyk from United States  Posting reviewed by: 646 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 19 February 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1253
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