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Security cameras in shops

Description: Whilst on holiday in Europe I caught a thief making off with some goods from my friends shop. My friend confirmed that he loses about 20% of his stock every year. With there being no security cameras in the shop tourists are finding it very easy to steal. Therefore, I would like to start a security camera consultancy where I would buy and fit the cameras. Looking around the area there are many shops that have the same problem as my friend and no one has offered them this service.
Need from others: I would like to talk to security camera suppliers that could ship the goods to me in a european country on a regular basis.
I would like informaton about importing the goods to the country as it is not the uk.
I would like information about new buisness grants as well as registering my buisness.
Author: worldwise from United Kingdom  Posting reviewed by: 712 users
Country of business: world area Published on: 10 October 2002
Region of business: Western Europe world area Posting ID: 130
Business Sector: electronics Image: Not available
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