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Software outsourcing at low price

Description: We are into software development and propose services for the development of the desired web site application. We have worked with many international clients. You may outsource projects to us as we can get it done for you at very cheap rates and in short time.

Skill sets for Projects.
Clients sever technology, 3 tier technology and host based computing: Developer 2000/Oracle, Visual Basic, SQL, VC++, C#, SQL Server, MYSQL...
Embedded: C/C++, VC++, UNIX, Device Drivers, UNIX Internals, Kernel, Socket, and Shell Programming
Internet Technology: ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, XML JAVA, JSP, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Javascript, IIS Server, Java Web Server, Web logic
GIS: AutoCAD, Micro station

We have been providing IT Consulting services in software and hardware integration by engaging in the development and use of hardware, software and internet related technologies including but not limited to processes re-engineering, software integration and development, hardware, communication protocols and their related sub-components and to advise upon any manpower resources training requirements pertaining to any company, organization, firm, business, enterprise, person, operations, projects or undertakings thereof by offering but not limited to Mobile Technologies, e-Commerce, CTI, Complex Web Development, Middleware and CRM solutions services.

Our expertise in:

• Core banking
• Business Process Automation
• E-business Consulting
• E-Learning
• System Integration
• Application Migration
• Application Maintenance
• Implementation of Work Flow
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Inventory Management
• Production Planning
• Material Management
• Personnel and Payroll
• Website Designing
• Static/Dynamic Website Development
• Content Management System (CMS) based Solutions
• CAD/CAM/CIM/Industrial Automation
• Biometrics / Smart Card Applications
• Mobile Technologies

We have successfully designed & developed :

• WAP-CRM Integration
• SAP Implementation
• Biometric Application
• Industrial Automation
• Billing Software
• Human Resource Management Software
• Core banking
• Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
About The CEO and Owner:
I have more than 6 years software consultancy / development and have managed to put together a team of really talented people.

We will be fulfilling 3 needs:
1- Software services for countries like Japan, where language barrier is posing the biggest challenge for companies from Bangladesh and elsewhere
2- Software for small and mid sized companies
3- An Innovations Lab, which will be self funding and will explore areas like human-computer interaction, Internet search, mobile apps and the role software can play in self growth and development

The three main components of the company are:

1. Software services:

- Bilingual Engineer Outsourcing to countries like Japan (I have spent more than a year in Japan understanding the Japanese work culture, business environment and I want to make the most of the current outsourcing trend in Japan). We will be hiring and training Software Engineers with 1-2 years of experience, in foreign languages and embedding them in 3-4 person teams of more experienced software professionals for working at client sites.

- Offshore software services
- Customized software development
- Some of the key words - PDM/PLM, Computer Graphics, C, C++, Java/J2EE

2. Product development for small and mid sized companies:

- We will be using Open source to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to small and mid sized organizations. We are looking at:
- ERP and e-commerce solutions (based on OFBIZ)
- Hospital/Hotel/School management software
- Workflow analyzers

The Software Engineers working at the Bangladesh center will develop and support these products, along with learning foreign languages such as Japanese (depending upon the requirement)

3. Innovation:

- This is the sacred word at this company. We hope to create a truly world class organization which brings innovation and a new perspective to everything it does, be it consultancy or product development
- Some of the things we are working on now are:

- A revolutionary education, learning and information sharing / access system, which will open new ways of learning and looking at the information flood problem
- Mobile apps, which will provide new ways of personal expression and self-growth
- An object oriented structure for behavioral analysis, trend prediction and internet search

We believe we can bring a fresh perspective to the field of software consultancy. We have faith in the value of our ideas and will be making our best effort to make them into useful products and take them to market.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
We are looking for a software outsourcing partner. We can provide work force that can deliver quality work.
You can get the projects for us and we will get these projects done for your clients under your name itself. We will not contact your clients any anyway. If you want, we can go for legal agreement for that too.

Since we are from Bangladesh, we can get your projects done at very low rate yet we will maintain the quality for sure.

Let us know how we can work out all issues and join hands.
Author: jikojec from Bangladesh  Posting reviewed by: 625 users
Country of business: Bangladesh  Published on: 16 April 2005
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 1332
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