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Investment in rapidly expanding Asian telecom market

Description: An opportunity exists to take up an equity investment in a privately held telecommunications enterprise concentrating on the provision of telephony, broadband access and energy management within Asia Pacific region. The enterprise has secured access to one of the largest most dynamic markets in the region in which both conventional telecom and broadband are substantially under serviced.

The enterprise will initiate operations in this market from 1 June 2005. Substantial local investment interest has been identified to funds the ongoing operational roll out of the network and the provision of services.

The enterprise will utilise power line communications, which enables the delivery of telephony, broadband and multimedia services using the existing electricity supply cables already in place. The technology to be implemented has field proven and is ready for volume manufacturing.

It is intended to list each local enterprise, on their home exchanges and perhaps with a listing on NASDAQ in Hong Kong within a 4 year timeframe, subject to market conditions. Alternatively, it is likely with the continuous expansion of customer base (expected to considerably exceed 270,000 customers sought within the business plan covering the first 4 years operations) that a full or partial trade sale of the enterprise may occur.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Equity investor(s) with available funds of up to USD 6,000,000 who are interesting in participating in such a venture are being sought.

The enterprise seeks to raise up to USD 6,000,000 in exchange for equity in the form of fully paid ordinary shares in the enterprise. These funds will be employed to initiate the enterprise in Asia, prior to the availability of the local investment funds and to progressively expand the deployment of the technology and services throughout other already identified Asian countries.

If you have an interest in discussing the matter further, please contact me by email, with a brief outline of you interest and I will provide you with substantially more detail as to the opportunity. It would appreciated if you could indicate what level of investment you may wish to consider. Minimum investment USD300,000 maximum investment USD6,000,000.
Author: ikyfaru from United Kingdom 
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Country of business: world area Published on: 22 April 2005
Region of business: East Asia world area Posting ID: 1343
Business Sector: telecom Image: Not available
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Investment opportunity in telecom and power management

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