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Sales agents or resellers needed for service company

Description: Did you promise yourself that in 2005 you would earn a little extra money? Diversify your risk with your current employment status? End the year better than you started? But are you now completely frustrated by all the “get rich quick”, “pyramid schemes” and “just send a cheque to…” so called “opportunities” that seem to be everywhere on the internet? Whatever happened to the good old fashioned honest ways of “doing a little something on the side”, whenever you had some spare time and then earning decent revenue from it?

We are all used to booking flights and large hotels on the internet, but why can't we also book on the internet a round of golf at our local golf club? A game of tennis at the tennis court, a driving lesson, a service for our car, the bouncy castle for the kids party, an appointment at the dentist, the doctor, a session at the hairdressers, the vet for our pets, that table by the window in our favourite restaurant, meeting rooms at serviced offices, a room with a view at a small hotel, etc.

We provide hosted online (internet) booking and reservation systems on a “pennies-per-booking” basis to companies, organisations and associations around the world. We can even take payments across the internet. It is incredibly easy to use, customers don’t buy any new computer equipment, no new software, they don’t even need to “backup” the system, in fact all they do is enjoy the benefits and savings that we bring to them. They only pay for actual bookings and even then only pennies for each one, thus opening the online bookings market up, for the first time, to a whole new sector of companies.
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Need Customers Need Customers
The opportunity available is to become a reseller or sales agent (with the main difference being that resellers can sign up sales agents). When you have a moment please review the information and live demonstrations on our web site.

The important points are that we not charge any money to become our sales agent or reseller, so it simply cannot work as a pyramid scheme. We do not require you to do a certain number of hours or commit days here or there, you dip into it whenever you want, whenever you have the time (however, it is true that our resellers tend to get out of our company what they put in). It is good old fashioned business, you don’t need sales experience or do you have to “invest” in something to make this work, you will be given a reseller number then you simply point prospective customers to the our web site and ask them to review the demos and see the benefits it will bring to their business. So, who are these prospective customers, they are the companies that offer a service of some kind that are listed in your local yellow pages or companies that advertise in your local newspaper or that you are in contact with to obtain that service for your own benefit. Opportunities for our company now exist everywhere.

When someone signs up for our site and enters your reseller number, thereafter you will receive a small percentage of their booking fees, thus providing you a recurring income. What other "real" business opportunities are there that have no cost, no risk and you can make a residual income by working very part time? And then build it up into a full time business over time if you want?

For more information about our company and how joining our growing group of resellers and sales agent could be that part time opportunity you have been looking for please contact us.
Author: iwanofu from United Kingdom  Posting reviewed by: 866 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 29 April 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1354
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