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Rate the credit agencies

Description: The Credit Bureau...they have the final say if you get your home, car, credit card and so on. Yet, who rates them? Sure, they are checked by an organization that they created and the US Government, but why hasn’t anyone created a credit rating for the credit bureaus? When citizens do not agree with their credit rating or there is an obvious discrepancy, the credit bureaus allow the creditors the benefit of the doubt and allow only short notes to be placed in the credit report. Yes, there are already business operating the will "HELP IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT" but what about giving the credit bureaus a taste of their own medicine? Rate the credit bureaus against each other, on a set of universal standards that not only make sense to the CITIZENS but also is a benefit to the creditors. Credit bureaus that maintain the most up to date and accurate information should be rewarded for their efficiency...whereas those that favour particular organizations or creditors should not be considered for approval or denial of credit worthiness. Is one credit bureau really better and MORE truthful than others?
Need from others: As far as I am concerned, I want someone to run with the idea. Give me 2% on the backside and I will make you America's Hero. God Bless the USA!
Author: gewyfak from United States 
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Country of business: US Colorado  Published on: 04 May 2005
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 1362
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