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Profitable large scale curbside recycling / trash service

Description: Imagine a profitable recycling service that is finally worth the work. We will call it GREENTREE Services. Nobody likes separating their trash for recycling, it is our own laziness that prevents us from doing so. But, if saving space in the landfill isn’t motivation enough for us, what is? A small trash service in Maine had the system down: You don’t pay for trash service. The garbage man comes once or twice a week to pick up in each community, and for sorting your trash into recycling container, you don’t pay a dime! Now not all trash is recycle quality, so when you sign up for the service, you purchase "GREENTREE" brand trash bags from the trash service, the company will only pick up bags with the "GREENTREE" labels on them and recycling items in the containers. Patrons can only purchase new bags from "GREENTREE" and covers the cost of the disposal fee (contracted out?). Specialty pick up dates for items such as tires, wood, batteries, chemicals and more can be set up on a fee or free basis. The tiny company in Maine that operated this business provided customers with a "year end" report. I was amazed by not only the amount of material that was recycled, but also the profits posted.
Need from others: I just want someone to run with the ideas. Colorado is beautiful country...its good for the community and you can make a good living doing it. Give me 1% of the profits and I will work with you for free.
Author: gewyfak from United States 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 04 May 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1363
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An indoor recycling plant

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