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Web Development - Branded Reseller Automated Site Builder

Description: We have developed new software that automates the creation of web sites. You control everything from industries, to themes, to pricing.

All of our sites come with the top features including: shopping cart, guestbook, affiliate programs, feedback forms, members only area, wish list, join email, email reminder, bulk email, unlimited pages, unlimited products, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and much more!

We have created 2 Branded Reseller systems so you can sell the same powerful, easy to use, browser-managed web sites under your own brand as we do. We offer wholesale pricing to you so you can mark up your sale price by 300-400% or more.

Branded Reseller Systems:

BR Shared Server - We provide you a branded site on our server.
BR Dedicated Server - We load our software on a dedicated server, your hardware or ours. You can then take advantage and sell both retail and branded reseller web sites.

If you can offer a web site / ecommerce solution to your new and existing clients, but don't have the time, money, or technical know-how then our solution is a perfect match for you. Our sites are rapidly deployed and easy to manage.

We provide simple forms to edit the web sites, and control all of the technical aspects including DNS, Email and configuring the Apache web server. You do not need any technical knowledge to run your web hosting business.

Please call or email to discuss your needs in more detail.
Need from others: A small initial investment, based on the Branded Reseller package you select, is needed to get started. We then charge a nominal fee per site each month.
Author: idojafe from United States 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 09 May 2005
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