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Looking for investors for our Web-Based CRM

Description: Description of your business idea: This CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service is made by a 6 year old software house. It was originally developed for internal use with evolution pushed by necessity. Therefore it has always remained very practical and user-friendly. It uses .NET (and other) technology which allows the customer to enjoy the service without having to buy or install any software. The program is completely web-based and data is stored in a secure data center where it is backed up and stored redundantly on servers.

This CRM is saleable on its speed alone. Most companies who are looking for a web-based CRM are disappointed to find that web-based means a compromise in speed. We have been making web-based software since our foundation and has discovered ways to keep page load times to the minimum. We use a combination of programming languages, efficient coding, and well-designed layouts to eliminate this compromise.

No matter how many eventual users the CRM has there are no limits to the amount of data it can handle. The speed of the program is not affected by growth in the database and there is no ceiling to where expansion must finish. New hardware resources are added seamlessly as capacity grows without any effect on performance.

The overall costs have been kept low without effort. It is made 100% in house and therefore we have not undertaken any outsourcing obligations.
There are no parts of the CRM which require royalty payments, and we require no subscriptions or licenses.

Our CRM boasts all of the fundamental features of a standard Customer Relationship System including calendar, document and address book sharing, but also provides a host of premium services that are only found in the
highest end systems that sell for 3 times as much. These include mail service, SMS feature, wireless technology, web services, importation wizards, sophisticated reporting, a catalogue module, and document administration.

Our customers are pleased with its ease of use and have even told they don't understand why they haven't heard of it before.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
What I need from others: We are looking for investors to assist in the development of marketing resources for our fast-growing CRM solution. The CRM web-based service is a fully developed product which already has customers. We are looking for those who are informed about the business services and technology market and can help us construct a solid advertizing campaign to create brand awareness and increase sales in exchange for a
share of the company. When users try our solution, they like it. A comprehensive advertisement and brand building campaign is what is needed to build potential customers' trust.
All terms are negotiable. Even a small investment is welcome.
Author: otacapu from Italy  Posting reviewed by: 330 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 16 May 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1385
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