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Bowling Entertainment Center

Description: I worked at a family run bowling center for 6 years. I learned everything I need to know, I learned how to manage, how to fix the machines, how to deal with customers, how to pay bills, payroll, i learned it all at a young age, I am 18 years old and one of very few people who know how to fix bowling machines. I have good connections to get the lanes very cheap. I don’t come from a wealthy family so I do need someone to put up the money for thiscenter and as the years go by the money will be paid back and interest of course....You don’t need to work here just put up the money and I can do the rest....I have people lined up for positions to work. I am also an apprentice electrician and I know people of all kinds of trades who will do any construction work I need. I have it all planned out.
Need from others: I need someone to put up the money and no need for that person to work there. I can do the rest.
Author: cheezy from United States  Posting reviewed by: 390 users
Country of business: US Massachusetts  Published on: 17 October 2002
Region of business: Western Massachus Posting ID: 141
Business Sector: entertainment Image: Not available
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