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Revolutionary Computer Gaming Concept

Description: Let me give you the New definition of the upcoming FPS game:
Up to Four Players at anytime at the same location - same outlet.
Played in a room with ceiling high screen and surround sound settings.
Equipped with a specially modelled gun* fitted with a compressor to provide the blow-back effect.
Real time scoring, scores updated from and to online international database. You can play ant any location in the world with your current status.
Gameplay controlled by computer but programmed to randomise movement in different scenarios and even directions. Never get bored!

I cannot disclose too much yet due to certain restrictions imposed by the parent company, which we are current in negotiation for certain exclusive rights. Interested parties are recommended to contact us directly.

If you are a game addict, or often crave for new games and have a passion for the latest technology, this is for you. Once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed. No regrets guaranteed.

* Firearm ranges from Handguns, to semi autos and rifles.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Local (Singapore) and Regional (Asia, Pacific) Investors and potential partners preferred due to demographic convenience. However, international contacts are welcomed to inquire more. We also have an option for corporate sponsors.
Investors shall be rewarded with Stock Options while Sponsors will be given Complimentary Advertising Contracts for adverts to be placed within and around the outlets.
Author: kedikaf from Singapore  Posting reviewed by: 516 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 07 June 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1464
Business Sector: entertainment Image: Not available
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Revolutionary Computer Gaming Concept  by kedikaf , 07/06/2005 , 516, 3 Credits needed to contact the author
Revolutionary Computer Gaming Concept  by najawim , 25/12/2005 , 239, 3 Credits needed to contact the author


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