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New speciality egg from India - huge global market

Description: India is the third largest producer of eggs producing over 42 billion eggs. Egg production in India is a 300-crore-plus industry. Overall, an analysts study that the total egg consumption is estimated to increase from 42 billion in 2005 and to 106 billion in 2020.

I am looking into the international and Indian egg market where I find a good niche. Omega-3 egg is the current catch in the international market. Omega 3 – laying hens in this system are fed a diet enriched with feeds high in omega 3 fatty acids.
This proposal is to hit the world market with another unique egg, which cannot be competed nor compared by any other specialty eggs in the world market. The eggs are obtained from hens, which are never exposed to or fed drugs, hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics or animal by-products for the purpose of stimulating productivity or reducing cost. The egg is highly nutritious than any other specialty egg. It doesn’t add fat to your body, rather scraps it away. The best part is, this egg strengthens immunity of the body to all ailments. The secret of obtaining this specialty hen egg cannot be disclosed at this point of time. Trust me; the beauty in this venture is the low investment and a niche global market.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
We look for a venture capitalist to fund the project. You can either be just a VC or can be a shareholder of the company as per later discussions between us. The expected capital required is just USD 25000. The break-even period is just one month from entering into the market. The logistics will be handled from India as you get this egg from hens raised and specially fed in one particular place.
Author: ogirowa from India 
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