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Digital Audio / Video Monitoring in TV Broadcasting

Description: Our Canadian company designs, manufactures and distributes worldwide products used by terrestrial, satellite, cable broadcasters and post-production facilities. Our business plan intends to leverage our experience in this area with emerging new digital technologies to raise sales to $10 million in sales by year five. A full business plan is available for serious investors.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Funds Required:
An initial investment of $150,000 is sought from an investor who has experience in the video / audio or computer software / hardware design industries. Ideally we are looking for an electrical engineer who is looking to invest and be the CTO. This investment will be used for enhancements to the existing product line and for new product development.

Investor Equity:
For the $150,000 investment, the investor will receive a 10% equity stake. The financial projections forecast an Internal Rate of Return of 35%, providing the investor with a cash return 8 times their original investment at the end of Year 5. If the Board unanimously decides, dividends may be distributed; however, this business plan does not contemplate any dividend payments, only capital gains.

Management Equity:
The Management team have invested $200,000.

Board of Director's Composition:
The Board will be comprised as follows;
•Investor (1 positions)
•Management Team (3 positions)
•Independent Chairperson (1 position)
Exit Mechanisms:

The company will be positioned for an IPO or trade sale in year 6 of operations. An earnings multiple of ten has been factored into the valuation calculations and reflects a conservative rate for this industry.

Investor Claw Back Strategy:
If the Management team fails to achieve at least 75% of the key performance criteria contained in this business plan (subject to negotiation including a mechanism for measuring the investor's, directors performance and operational support) over the five years, the investor will be entitled to claw back from the Management team, at no cost, 1.5 times the original investment equity, therefore raising the investor's holding to 15%.
Author: inokuwi from Canada  Posting reviewed by: 398 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 21 June 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1485
Business Sector: communication Image: Not available
Business Plan
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