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Production of Electromechanical Device for military needed

Description: Hereby, we would like to present to your attention a relatively simple, yet, highly profitable Control Device for production at your Company. This low voltage, electromechanical product is primarily used in military, as well as in commercial applications. Below is the cost and profit breakdown:
Current total demand: 200,000-250,000. After satisfying the total amount there is still 20–50,000 units needed annually.

-pre-production investment: 300,000$
-working capital: 50,000$

-Anticipated profit within 5-6 years:10-12 mln$
-Annual profit at 50,000 production volume2.0-2.5 mln$
-Money Turn over: 2 years

The suggested Product was designed and pended for the Patent by our independent Design Team. The Government and other customers will be happy to buy better one, however so far no company made it yet. In fact, this new device has been warmly welcomed by the Government and other customers, industry specialists, and is being recommended to replace the old one.
A Complete set of 3D drawing made on Solid Works, two fully functional samples and an animated presentation is available for view. We will also provide information to accurately prove the demand, pricing, etc.
The following are main processes to build the Product:
1. Aluminum, plastic diecast and injection molding, Housing and some internal parts are made out of aluminum.
2. Stamping, machining, riveting, painting etc.
3. Electronic, PCB board and mechanical assembly
4. Internal harness, wiring
5. Testing
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I am asking for a shared partnership to manufacture it, but the partner has to invest approximately $300,000 in the business.
I put from my side in the business designed Unit, Patent, technical provision, engineering etc.
It can be produced anywhere in the USA.
Author: ralypif from United States  Posting reviewed by: 414 users
Country of business: US Illinois  Published on: 25 June 2005
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 1494
Business Sector: manufacturing Image: Not available
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