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Building Amphibian Aircraft

Description: I was appointed by the principle as Asia Sales and Service Centre. The market is excluding China, India, Australia and New Zealand. The aircraft is sophisticated in design and performance. It can land on water and land, on a short runway. I believe if Malaysian can afford to buy a car that cost from 1 Million to 2 Million USD, I'm sure they can afford to have this aircraft, which is below 1 Million USD. Currently the Malaysian Government is encouraging Malaysian to go into Aerospace related business especially building aircraft and its technology. Initially I have got a green light from our local FAA and thumb up from the government high ranking officers and some ministers.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
I'm seriously looking for serious investor, who are looking for new business in Malaysia and Asia, The initial capital startup is within 2 Million USD, which it inclusive of 1 unit IFR aircraft for display, and the purchased of land for it Sales and Service Centre.
Author: tekanek from Malaysia 
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Country of business: Malaysia  Published on: 08 July 2005
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 1532
Business Sector: aerospace Image: Not available
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