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Distributors needed in publishing sector

Provide Venture CapitalProvide Venture Capital
We are pleased to invite you to partner with us in the procurement of distribution opportunities throughout the United Kingdom and U.S.A and certainly in your particular physical service area.

We are a small but growing publishing house with its head office situated in Barbados in the Caribbean. To date we have published an educational reader for use with 7-12 year olds. Currently we are in the process of producing the third edition of this reader as well as the DVD version and accompanying teacher manual.

In addition to this we are producing a magazine, which is designed for primarily a male demographic readership (21-40). However we expect it will also be of interest to women and teens. A full profile of that publication can be sent when required.

We are available to do product presentations and samplings of product. Please let us know the following so that we may better prepare for such events:
1) What is the procedure for the purchasing of books by schools e.g. is it done via the Government or do schools buy individually etc?
2) How many bookstores are likely to buy our magazines and in what quantity?
3) How many libraries are there and how do they do their buying of books?
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
The Opportunity

There is an opportunity for individuals or companies to represent our publications within the above mentioned territories. For this individuals or companies would be compensated to the tune of 28% of the net. On agreement to these terms a distributor contract will be issued for one year or any period previously agreed.

Target Market

The target market for our educational products would include schools, libraries, bookstores, and individual instructors or teachers. Also special schools for children with learning disabilities e.g. the hearing impaired, sight impaired or children with dyslexia.

Our magazine can be sold to wholesale distributors or book suppliers, bookstores, news-stands, group or individual subscribers, libraries or offices with waiting areas.

Additional Needs
We are always in search of talent
in many forms and for many purposes.
Some of the talent needs include:
a) writers
b) journalists
c) models
d) account executives
e) photographers
Author: gygotyp from Barbados  Posting reviewed by: 463 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 08 September 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1683
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