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Investing in IT and Tourism projects in Kerala, India

Description: We are a legion of professionals from the computer industry with extensive and varied expertise joined together to create a premier IT organization dedicated in providing world class products and services. Provides services in Computer Hardware sales and support, software development, web solutions, Networking solutions, Automation projects, computer training, technical consultancy services, interior design and development, Architectural services etc. We have a strong industry background of 8 years in this field and successfully completed a lot of projects in the above said categories.

We are also having a “Registered trademark “in our “brand name “for Electronics, IT, Tourism, education and wireless solutions and products. A proprietorship firm with 3 associates in profit share base.

Presently interested in widening this operations because of the current industry trends and the forthcoming opportunities. The project includes the following proposals:

1. Assembling. Sales and support for "Customised branded PC" concept
( currently having a strong background in assembled PC sales – 8 years )
2. Establishment of a BPO service centre in Kerala – India (medium scale) Call centre / Software development centre etc. ( 3 years in development of small automation projects )
3. A great opportunity is waiting in "Kerala Tourism" projects
4. Sales and support in low cost Laptop or other new but essential electronics products.
5. Real estate projects in Kerala- India with architectural services, vasthu consultancy, interior design and decoration services etc. ( 4 years experience)
6. Cost effective and essential services for corporate quasi govt. or private sector clients etc. (consultancy)
7. Sales and service of Hardware parts

We are having an office establishment in a leading city heart of Kerala state, India and the living and operational cost are affordable. Especially our place is the tourism capital of this state. Currently some projects are here with us and we are looking for a financial partner those who are interested in investing in India. Kerala will become the IT capital of India soon. All the Giants from the world are looking a spot in Kerala like Dubai Internet city, Infosys, BMW, Hyundai, HONDA, US software, WIpro etc.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Not only financial support but Project support or other novel ideas are also welcome. The above listed are major projects on demand and need not to enter onto the whole in a single step. And need not invest a large amount in. Gradual and steady growth is demanding.
One commitment is success.

Investment will return with all success that will be a real commitment. The trends say so.
If interested to invest, partner, support or BPO please contact. Non Resident Indians are also welcome.
Author: ijecyro from India 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 01 October 2005
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