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Investors needed for beer distribution business in Singapore

Description: - Are you distributing specific name brand or all kinds of Beer?
I am distributing only one particular brand with a few ranges of SKU and Ciders as well.
- What's the investment $ amount you are looking for (start-up cost and monthly cost)?
The start up cost range from $150k to $300k (Singapore Dollars), the higher amount of fund with have, we would have a faster time to earn the profit as we are able to get in more stocks.
- What are the local / government requirements of establishing such operations?
We only need to apply for a distributor licensing from the Liquor Licensing Board of Singapore, which is quite cheap for a distributor license to be obtain.
- How many people needed to run the business?
There will be a total of 2 key personnel running the whole company apart from you, as the shareholder of the company. (At this point, you will be regarded as the investor, unless otherwise stated). Of which, me being one of the key sales and logistic personnel, will be basically in-charge of the overall sales in Singapore and S.E.A. region. The other key personnel will be in-charge of Singapore and S.E.A.’s marketing plans. He will be in-charge of negotiating with the Headquarter (U.K.) for pricing and marketing issues as well.
- What's the estimated revenue/profit?
Estimated Revenue or profit varies on how many container we can move, the profit per container is ranging from S$15k to S$25K, if we able to move 10 container every month, our profit would be S$250k, so annually would be S$3 million gross sales.
- What are the competitions in the Market?
The competitions are brandings like: Tiger, Carlsberg, Heineken, etc., but in Singapore market, as long as you have done a good marketing job, you will definitely eat into their market share.
- What is your background, as I do need to know the reference / credibility of you?
I have been in the sales industry for more than 3 years till date. I used to have a sales team under my supervision. My ability to achieve sales targets given will be my strength in making this business work.
As for my marketing personnel, he had been in the beer and beverages industry for 6 years and his able to penetrate into the consumer’s market without fail is the main reason why I choose him as the key personnel in the company. He had worked in 2 big breweries and planned big marketing campaign for many beer brands. Other than in the beer industry, he had worked in one of the major FMCG Company in Singapore. With his help in marketing and my ability in sales, I will conclude that there is a success rate of more than 98% that this business will work perfectly.
- Have you done the marketing research on your business?
Yes, definitely, I even know the market share of those competitors, I know what are their pros and cons, and I know what they are strong in terms of on-premises and off premises area.

Whether your company wants to be one of the shareholders of the company or to lend us the capital needed to start this business, I am very confident that this business will be running smoothly in 6 months time. So that will be no problem for us to repay the principal amount will interest to your company.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
My plan is to set up a distribution company for beverages in Singapore. As Singapore is the main hub of South East Asia, we would definitely have the opportunity to expand regional.

With my years of experience in sales, distributing the product in Singapore and S.E.A. marketing will not be a problem. Also, my marketing personnel have over 6 years of distribution experience in the Beer & Beverages Industry. From Sales to Marketing and distribution channel are all our expertise. My plans are to distribute to all the supermarket in Singapore as a stepping stone, we would at the same time penetrate into on-premises such as pubs, KTVs, hotels, discos, etc., even minimarts and provision shops as well.

Beverages are always a lucrative business and its on-going rite? It’s a kind of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). It will never die, as it’s a necessity in our daily life.

I have this product, which I had sourced for quite sometime and were not in South East Asia yet, hence, we can be the first one and only one to bring in this brand.

I have a more detail proposal to show you how I am going to run this business if you are really interested and ready in it.
The reason why I am not able to start the business at the moment is because I am lack of the required fund.
Author: cicypyj from Singapore 
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Investor for beverage distribution company in Singapore

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