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Africa tour with Jumbos Pinch an elephant & get away with it

Description: Our customers: We are looking at a total population in excess of 100 million people in the East African region. We shall be 'home and dry' if we can get 10% to buy our domestic tourism packages.

Our competitors: We have like ten major tour companies, but they have not focused on domestic tourism.

Uniqueness of Idea: Only the local airlines try to promote local tourism. We can partner with them to be their contact people on the ground. Also, labour is cheap and well versed in this industry.

Business promotion: By mass media.
Estimated cost: US$ 100,000. I am committed to share knowledge of domestic packages that would rake-in the profits for interested investors.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Promoting local tourism has been ignored by most countries in their endeavour to source for new tourist sources outside the borders. I believe if we would look within our domestic potential we have various packages to offer that would attract middle and low income earners who need to get away from their daily routine and get away for a long weekend without having to spend much and yet get value for money. I have in mind my East African region, which is so diverse with natural mountains, rivers, forests, wild life and waterfall right from Mt Kilimanjaro to the Jinja, falls in Uganda. The total population in this region is close to 100 Million and with proper packages we can get them touring this land of the jumbos. If you believe we can start a tour company together please get in touch with me on the ground here in Kenya - one of the countries in Eastern Africa.
Author: godosyl from Kenya 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 09 October 2005
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