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Moving production from UK to Poland to lower costs

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Description: Due to Poland's accession to European Union in 2004 there has oppened a new opportunity of co-operation between British and Polish companies. There is a large difference between costs of workers in Great Britain and Poland. It make profitable co-operation in the field of businesses which need large amount of handy labour and large amount of workers (assembling or dismanteling parts of goods for example). We estimate that we could make service for British companies in price about 50-60% costs of workers in Great Britain. At the moment we engage in our grup of companies total 25 staff (we know well problems of employment, labour law, safety rules).
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We are looking for British company interested in lowering costs of production by moving the production to Poland.
Author: amolora from Poland  Posting reviewed by: 648 users
Country of business: United Kingdom  Published on: 11 October 2005
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 1757
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