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Buy Website Traffic start-up business needs funding

Description: I wanted to create a website where people can buy traffic only that it wasn't going to be like any other site. I would need someone to sponsor me in order to make this dream come true.

Targeted customers:-
Internet users with different interest, mainly webmaster, web design, hosting

other buy traffic site

What is so unique about my business:-
The other websites get traffic through using pop-unders. My way is to get as many people to sign up (will need to do some marketing and web promotion to do this) so that each time someone wanted to buy traffic from a specific interest, say Web Design, an email will be send to these people who has signed up informing them about the website.

How do I want to promote the business:-
I will need to do some advertising in many websites (Need some $$$ here) and post threads in forums.

What is your experience in this type of business:-
I'm a designer, so I roughly know how much it will take to get the web hosting, to do the design, which forums to promote, and how those get traffic sites works.

Am I aware about the estimated cost to start the project:-
Yes I am. Estimated total cost will be around USD 5000.00 including advertisings, hosting, prizes and stuffs like that.

Am I ready to commit/equity to start the business:-
I would suggest we discuss more about this. Maybe have the investors name or company logo/banner position on the website where its highly visible.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
How I want it to be was that for Phase 1 of the project, I would need to promote and market the site and get people to register their name, interest and email address. How I'm going to get people to register is a major problem, as people wouldn't want to sign up for no apparent reason. So what I'm thinking is to have a referral system where the top 3 users with the most number of referrals under them will win some good prizes. I'm thinking of gathering at least 10 000 users which is possible, based on the total number of users in this forum. Also, in this Phase, we can make it look like a fun game as well where the winner will let say receive an xBox 360 or something.

For Phase 2 of the project, this is what gonna happen. Since Phase 1 is completed and I would have a few thousand people who has registered, I would want to release another site where Buyers can buy traffic through that website. Traffic means real traffic which also means informing those who has registered. Once these people has been informed, an email will be send to them to tell them about the Buyer's site and they in turn would go to the Buyer's site once they clicked on the link in the email send to them.

Now isn't this a cool idea? Instead of having pop-unders like what those Buy Traffic site is doing, I intend to do it the cleanest way. No pop up, no pop-under, no advertisement. Just pure and real traffic brought to the Buyer's site.
Author: yrisitu from Singapore  Posting reviewed by: 693 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 23 October 2005
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1772
Business Sector: Internet Image: Not available
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