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Bier trading supplier needs partners

Description: If you have some ways to connect to supermarkets or other ways selling bier, I can supply bier for you. The frame is strong, the material is wonderful. as I know, the same type products sell over 1000 USD in America. If the products' price is high in your country, you can also contact me. The business is new, it is prospective.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I have worked it for 2 years, and it is one of my business in my company. Please contact me at anytime.
Author: icucife from China  Posting reviewed by: 557 users
Country of business: US California  Published on: 24 October 2005
Region of business: city&countrywide Posting ID: 1774
Business Sector: beverages Image: Not available
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hangover drink
bier trading
Coca Cola
drink distribution
germinated cereal beverage
green iced tea
innovative drink product


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Beverage Machine Retail
Coffee Export
Coffee Kiosk
Shave Ice Beverage


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