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Luxury lodge construction, Glacier Bay, Alaska need investor

Description: The lodge we wish to construct in Gustavus (Glacier Bay), Alaska will consist of 7-10 guest suites, a great room with roaring fireplace, large restaurant and on-site spa. The lodge will be open May-September each year during the Alaska tourism season and will serve as the finest accommodations in Gustavus / Glacier Bay. A restaurant will be on-site open to the public and lodge guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This lodge will have the finest amenities including, but not limited to, an exercise room, business center, spa, hot tubs, private balconies from each guest suite, extraordinary views, riverside property, 10 miles from Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, and a list of daily activities and excursions.

Our goal is to begin construction of the lodge as soon as possible with the cost of completion being approximately $800,000. We are seeking these funds through investors who are interested in contributing to building a luxury lodge in Glacier Bay. There are 11 other lodges in the Gustavus community and all experience full to near-full occupancy each summer, and there is a demand for lodging that is focused on the guest by providing an extensive array of amenities and services. We will promote our business extensively through a website with on-site reservations capabilities, direct marketing, radio/tv media and newspaper/magazine advertising. What is unique about our plan is that there is not a full-service restaurant in Gustavus and with funds to start the business it is guaranteed that we will have the opportunity to make a profit by catering to locals and tourists. We have completed extensive research, worked in the community and have twenty-five years combined experience working in Alaska tourism, specifically in Glacier Bay / Gustavus.
A business plan has been created that details every aspect of the prospective business, including construction costs. If seriously interested, please contact.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
We want to begin the construction process immediately upon acquisition of appropriate funds. We have located log home companies who can ship the structure to Alaska and complete the building on site. We hope to open for a full tourism season in May 2007, but would like to use the upcoming tourism season (May-Sept 2006) to market potential guests and advertise the grand opening of our luxury lodge. Please contact us immediately if you are seriously interested in assisting us with this dream to own and operate a lodge in Glacier Bay, Alaska. If you would like a copy of our business plan for further review, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.
Author: vybacul from United States  Posting reviewed by: 552 users
Country of business: US Alaska  Published on: 22 November 2005
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 1787
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