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Diamond mining funding or partner

Description: The diamonds in this project could be worth in the order of USD $ 10 million. The Diamonds in the upper terrace gravels would be a bonus. 81 284 tons of gravel were taken out and 620 carats of diamonds were recovered by the treatment plant which employed only one 14 foot rotary pan. Of these diamonds, a total of twelve were larger than 5 carats, varying in size from 5,3 to 70,8 carats. The diamonds were sold for USD $ 139 800 at an average price of usd $ 225.38 per carat.

Need from others: I need funding of USD 4,5 Million to purchase equipment and fund expansion.
A loan, mortgage or 45% share.
Author: 32750 from South Africa 
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Country of business: world area Published on: 06 December 2002
Region of business: South Africa world area Posting ID: 179
Business Sector: minerals Image: Not available
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