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Investors needed for educational short films

Description: We are a small production company currently producing a series of educational films aimed at teenagers. They cover subjects such as bullying, drugs, dyslexia and 'coming out' in a way which will appeal to teenagers. They are aimed at schools and youth organisations for help with lessons such as citizenship. After speaking to many teachers, they would welcome this project as the teachers are often form or year heads who specialise in another subject and do not necessarily have the experience to take lessons on these issues.
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We have made the first two films with personal funding, and have had interest from several youth clubs, schools and distributors. However, we need to make the next two so that we have the package before anyone will agree to buy it. I cannot afford to put any more money into this, even though I believe we can sell the ideas. ( I am 22 and have only been out of university and earning for 18months, so do not have vast savings. )

The films are made by a mixture of professionals and people new to the business and are written by new writers with personal experience of the situation being discussed. The package will also contain work sheets and discussion leading exercises.

If interested please reply to be sent further details.
Author: dokuniv from United Kingdom  Posting reviewed by: 291 users
Country of business: United Kingdom  Published on: 01 January 2006
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 1847
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