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Job portal competing with need investment

Description: I want to make it a job Portal competitor for and then I want to make this a leader in the market. The Job portal is a website which links the employers and the jobseekers. This is a beautiful business because the resources are unlimited here. I have planned to implement this concept in India first and then spread the wings across the globe. The business plan is as below:

The JobPortal is a website which can be developed using the third party(already the development has started). Then after the development it can be floated in the market. Here the point is the website is not the product for marketing, but the database we have will be the product. Once the development is done the marketing phase begins.

Once the developmet of the JobPortal is completed, it will be marketed among the employers. It should be a hard-core marketing where all the employers will be covered. The employers will be asked to post their Job requirements in the website. After getting the employers database we market it to the JobSeekers, which will fetch the jobseekers resume and their complete details. The more the data from the employers the more JobSeekers will register. The more Jobseekers database with us the more the employers pay for the service. The payment from the employers will be monthly one. For the penetration in to the market and to make it a successful one, I have developed lot of marketing strategies, which will be given in the detailed business plan once contacted.

Here the employers will be paying us monthly for the service. There are more than 100000 employers in India and so we have abundant target people.
For Example :
If we have 5000 employers who has subscribed our service then:
5000 employers X $70 per month = $3,50,000 Per month.
100 Advertisement X $225 Pm = $22,500 per month.
The amount given here are minimum amount for the initial penetration of the market. The revenue does not stop here. There are lot of other ways to make revenue from this business. Which will be given in the detailed Business Plan. I believe the revenue will be more than 40% and the capital Investment I am looking for is only 50000 to 70000 Pounds.

Risk Factors:
This will be successful only if proper advertisement is done. But if proper advertisement of out Job Portal is done Nothing can stop it from growing. For this I need Investment. so that we can make massive advertisement campaigns.

Your Role:
You can be the Chairman of the Company, which is a registered Private Limited.

Please Contact me if you are interested in investing. I have very good ideas but i have no money to implement it. If you have the desire to be successful in life please trust me. This is my passion, this is my dream, This is more than my life. I have the confidence that I will make this concept a very successful one. I am very serious about this. Please contact me thru Phone or email.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
I need an investment for massive advertisement campaigns and also for the working capital. The capital Investment I am looking for is only 50000 to 70000 Pounds.
Author: ofamusa from India 
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Posting reviewed by: 685 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 12 May 2006
Region of business: any Posting ID: 1997
Business Sector: IT Image: job portal
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Job portal competing with need investment  by ofamusa , 12/05/2006 , 685 Picture in the Posting , 3 Credits needed to contact the author
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