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Sodium Alginate producer needs buyers

Description: Our main product Sodium Alginate (annual output 5000 tons) is widely used in textile printing and dyeing industry, being with excellent quality and competitive price, prompt shipment, and serve good part of the world market.

Sodium Alginate is derived from seaweed and is the most desirable thickener for Procion MX dye. It is used to thicken dye for screen printing, painting, or to control spreading.
Sodium Alginate as a reactive printing agent has a special property. During the chemical reaction of fibre and reactive dye, the dye is fixed in fibre and printing agent does not enter this reaction.

After use Sodium Alginate as a printing agent, it not only affects the dyeing reaction but also makes the product outline clear, color bright, felling smooth. This agent is also suitable for cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibre.
Need from others: Looking for potential buyers and distributors for our Sodium Alginate.
Author: irudisu from China  Posting reviewed by: 759 users
Country of business: Pakistan  Published on: 03 July 2006 history
Last modification on 20 October 2008
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2034
Business Sector: chemicals Image: Sodium Alginate
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Sodium Alginate producer needs buyers  by irudisu , 03/07/2006 , 759 Picture in the Posting , 3 Credits needed to contact the author
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