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Reverse vending machines for automate the collection

Business idea posting spotted and published by BUSINESS IDEAS Forum moderators

Description: Reverse vending machines (RVMs) are designed to automate the collection and identification of used beverage containers, issuing a refund receipt or money (Smart Cards and loyalty cards maybe be used).

The used beverage containers ( cans and/or bottles ) collected are sorted and reduced in volume. Once a customer deposits a used container, the machine sorts it and crushes, compresses or shreds, reading a container's barcode to determine the type of material. Capacity varies per model, but stand alone machines hold 1000 cans and/or PET bottles before needing to be emptied. The machines run on about 40 watts of electricity per day.

The machines are modular and provide advanced materials handling with an enormous capacity.

There are two key stimulus for consumers to use this Reverse vending machine:
1)The feel good factor about doing something positive to protect the environment.
2)Reward incentives in a form or refund receipt, cash or Loyalty Smart Cards

RVMs are ideal for workplaces or schools, it’s a great way to excite children about recycling. Every large company, school, shopping mall and tourist attraction could do with a few of these machines.

Author: Business-Ideas' moderator
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Posting reviewed by: 2422 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 20 September 2006
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2093
Business Sector: recycling Image: reverse vending machines, automated collection
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