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World War II military history encyclopedia

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To develop electronic interactive encyclopedia of the WWII with scalable maps of front sectors, offensive operations, defensive lines and fortifications in the course of military campaigns of German Wehrmacht in Western Europe, Poland and against Soviet Russia on the East over the time period since 1939 till 1945. Information sources to use:
or Works of authorship by:

1. Soviet commanders: Marshal G.K. Zhukov, Marshal I.S. Konev, Marshal K.K. Rokossovsky, Marshal A.M. Vasilevsky, Panzer Colonel-General M.E. Katukov, Colonel-General Y.A. Naumenko, Colonel-General A.I. Rodimtsev, Panzer Chief Marshal P.A. Rotmistrov, Air Major-General I.N. Stepanenko, Marshal A.I. Yeremenko.

2. German commanders: Panzer Colonel-General H. Guderian, General Field-Marshal W. Keitel, Luftwaffe General Field-Marshal A. Kesselring, General Field-Marshal Erich von Manstein, First Architect (Minister of Armaments) A. Speer, General H. Hoth, Minister of Propaganda J. Goebbels, General and the Head of the Army General Staff F. Halder.
- Various internet resources
- Museum archives (i.e. Museum of Great Patriotic War in Minsk)

Purpose of the Project:

To develop comprehensive information & reference source that highlights:
- chronological course of events of the WWII on all theaters of operations;
- their scope;
- used manpower and technical resources;
- arms and weapons;
- the officers and commanders at each stage of operations during every specific period of time (up to days/weeks);
in most detailed, demonstrative and easy-to-understand way.

To conveniently present and bind maximum facts, materials and data about the events of the WWII as well as about the parties engaged in hostilities.

At the same time, the project may well be used as an encyclopedia of:
- all types of arms and weapons of the WWII;
- armory, uniforms, table of ranks and battle decorations and rewards of the armies to have participated in the WWII;
- biographies of many officers and commanders of the armies to have participated in the WWII;
- battle-field maps and tactical schemes to have been used by the armies in offensive and defensive operations;
- samples of agitation and propaganda materials (i.e. posters, caricatures, leaflets etc.) used by the parties at war;
- military marches and popular songs of the war time;
- audio fragments of the speeches of the political leaders of the 30-40th.

Practical Application of the Project:

Final product may be used as a full-value electronic text-book to study the history of the WWII with the user being able to select information pertaining to a specific subject (i.e. events, weapons, characters etc.) and set the degree he/she wants it to be highlighted (i.e. from very general information up to maximum facts and statistics). Also, in addition to military, historical and statistical parts the final product will be describing political and ideological situation of wartime by way of using electronic copies of printed agitation & propaganda materials and audio samples that would help to re-create the environment of those years and events more vividly.

Project’s Contents and Main Features:

1. Enumeration and description of all military operations provided that user can retrieve information about every single operation in particular and to view the chronological context where the operation has taken its place among the others.

2. Scalable general map with the possibility to zoom in/out the front lines showing their changes over selected period of time, see the picture. Drill-down capability – from general plan of all front lines at each selected moment of time down to the overview of basic landscape details of selected front sector(s) (drill-down capability may be realized similar to Google Earth atlas allowing you to view high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery, elevation terrain, cities, towns, roads etc. along with the character, formation and ground location of offensive and defensive lines of the adversaries either in static or dynamic overview which depends on whether the user has selected a specific date or a specific period of time.

3. In general the project includes the following features:
- Depicting changing dynamics of all front lines in the course of the whole and each campaign in particular;
- Depicting events on separate/selected front sectors over the period of time to have been defined by user;
- Depicting general landscape of battle fields, front sectors along with general weather conditions on the day(s) of implementation of big military operations;
- Providing detailed information about:
-- What divisions, corps, units took part in every specific operation;
-- Combat arms to have been deployed, their quantities in terms of manpower, weapons and equipment;
-- Pictures and performance characteristics of every used arms, weapons and equipment;
-- Information about the officers and commanders (along with biography, grades, decorations, pictures and references to post-war works of authorship - if any);
-- Casualties (i.e. killed and wounded) over specific period of the war;
-- Description and pictures of armory, uniforms, table of ranks and battle decorations and rewards of the armies to have participated in the WWII;
-- Gallery of the Soviet and German agitation and propaganda posters relevant to the war period;
-- Library of the Soviet and German military marches and popular songs of the war time;
- audio fragments of the speeches of the political leaders of the 30-40th
- localization of the product in several languages i.e. English, German and Russian for user to be able any language at his/her discretion.

Benefits of Developing the Product in Belarus:

1. Belarus is well-known to have been training a big quantity of highly qualified and experienced programming-engineers whose skills, knowledge and expertise are guaranteed by the level of training in Belarusian technical Institutes of higher education and Universities to have received international standard accreditation. Another prove to this is the decision by the President and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus to establish Belarusian High-Tech Park in Minsk with the purpose of creating optimal conditions and environment for realization vast potential, skills and knowledge of high-tech specialists.

2. Many among the programmers with big practical experience have already demonstrated their proficiency while participating in offshore IT projects from Europe and North America and are well aware of the standards, requirements and approaches used by western IT companies working on serious high-budget projects.

3. Per hour rates charged for the services of IT specialists in Belarus are significantly lower than those of in Western Europe and North America (i.e. approximately 14-18 USD/hour). As opposed to other regions of Eastern Europe, India and China offering similar services, Belarus is located in close proximity to Western Europe and its market makes an optimum offer in terms of cost and quality.

4. On condition of guaranteed budgeting by a customer the project may be registered to be implemented in Belarusian High-Tech Park thus enjoying better preferences in terms of acquiring Government Warranty and lower taxation which inevitably results in lower total cost of the end-product.

5. Customer is relieved of the necessity to resolve issues pertaining to skill selection, employment and resource availability. Our company also takes care of local business environment and legal risks letting our customer focus on their core business.

6. The idea of developing the product in Belarus, the country to have happened to be one of the seats of the WWII, implies gathering more accurate information from original sources and archives.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Need Customers
Need Customers
Issues to be Investigated and Clarified on Partner's Part

1. To do investigation and find out the demand for such electronic interactive encyclopedia of the WWII both on German market and in other countries of Western Europe in order to estimate the expediency of the project on the whole.

2. To determine what organizations, funds, institutions would be interested in budgeting the project and on what terms and conditions.

3. To find out the possibility of using archive materials in Germany for the purpose of the project.

Preliminary Conditions

1. Western customer shall invest money in development of the product (i.e. analytical part, searching relevant information in various sources, design, coding) under agreed terms and on agreed per-hour-rate payment for each specific type of work.

2. We, the service providing company in Minsk, Belarus, shall use provided funding to develop end-product (including: searching for necessary data, drawing out the specifications and coordinating the list of product features with the customer, designing, coding and testing).

3. End-product shall be the property of the customer whereas all further maintenance and support services as well as further product improvement works shall be paid by the customer separately.
Author: movemit from Belarus 
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