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An indoor recycling plant

Business idea posting spotted and published by BUSINESS IDEAS Forum moderators

Description: With an ecopod in the kitchen, pantry or laundry room. families will now have a simple, aesthetically pleasing, and rewarding way to process recyclables.

The ecopod home recycling centre features removable storage containers for glass bottles, papers, plastic bags or other recyclable materials.

Consumers throw their bottle or can in the appropriate slot, step on a foot pedal, and hear the sweet sound of compactions via the patented systems.

Flattened containers automatically fall into a portable internal bin for redemptions or curbside collection. Each pod has storage capacity for approximately 50 crushed containers, while an upper compartment has additional room for glass bottles, newspapers and other recyclable materials. Everything neatly stored away and ready to moved to the next step in the recycling chain.

One of ecopod’s mottos is to “partner with great people and great companies to raise worldwide eco-consciousness." BMW Designworks is an excellent partner to help us realize our vision. BMW Designworks’ talents allow users to touch, feel and use the ecopod.
Next we needed a Retail partner to help launch our products.


Author: Business-Ideas' moderator
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Posting reviewed by: 1538 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 17 October 2006
Region of business: any Posting ID: 2102
Business Sector: recycling Image: indoor recycling plant, curbside recycling
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Profitable large scale curbside recycling / trash service

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