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Partners for producing health videos wanted

Description: Having a perfect health is what is the prime concern in every ones mind. Is this possible in this world of madness? The answer is yes when you have information. This is what we desire to do. We have successfully launched a diabetes video. We have great plans with it. We want to expand this business through all India. This business is in a virgin state with no competition, we except to grow rapidly.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
We are looking for a perfect team to help us to make the business happen.
We are looking for a genuine investing partners, could be doctors, entrepreneurs, etc.
Author: ypywoji from India  Posting reviewed by: 218 users
Country of business: India  Published on: 14 January 2007
Region of business: india Posting ID: 2164
Business Sector: media Image: Not available
Business Plan
or Presentation:
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3 Credits required


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