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Featured Business IdeasEnergy Saving and Environmental Impact Consulting

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Description: We already got used to rising cost of energy. With growing economies the energy consumption has been steadily increasing. In developed countries the cost of energy has a major influence on inflation. Companies and households have so far offset the rising energy bill by relatively cheap money supply. Recently, however, the gradually increased interest rates are making the consumers more sensitive to higher energy prices.
So far most of the energy comes from fossil fuels, which increase the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere making the Global climate less stable.
The rising energy cost together with the negative global climate impact is going to increasingly motivate people to save resources and money at the same time.
One can expect more emphasize on consumer’s behaviour and energy efficiency, which is understood as delivering maximum service to meet human needs (e.g. cooling food, easing communication, ...) with the minimum input of energy resources.
Energy saving is most effective if people are aware of the available options. For example some power utility introduced several awareness raising programmes for their customers. One of them is a device which measures the electricity consumption every quarter of an hour and provides information to the client about energy saving and the rate structure. The client can recall data about the current consumption compared to the previous month and other comparative data. Moreover the device shows to the client the price for each unit of electricity in the different time zones and indicates how much money can be saved when using energy during the low-price tariff period. This system helps to save energy because it shows exactly how much money can be saved by the client.
Other utility started an extensive advisory service for its clients to promote energy saving. This includes consulting at either an office based info-centre or a mobile ‘info-bus’. Energy consultants are available on demand to visit customers at home and develop an energy-saving plan for every single house. They also initiate seminars for consumers on special issues like the use of renewable energy sources. In Denmark, ESS, the main utility company is regularly distributing to its customers free brochures providing energy saving tips applicable to each of the four seasons.

More dedicated energy saving companies are popping up around the world offering practical advice for cutting down energy and water usage and reducing their environmental impact.
One of such companies is Sydney-based Todae that offers businesses a detailed report that explains how to cut costs and go green. Todae's service is geared to small to medium businesses looking to save money, be less harmful to the environment.

The energy saving is an excellent concept, which could not only assess the energy efficiency but as well the environmental impact. In our previous posting we explained how global warming brings new business ideas and opportunities. The energy saving and environmental impact assessment service is one of the opportunities that can be easily branded and franchised.
Author: Business-Ideas' moderator
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Posting reviewed by: 1826 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 17 April 2007
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Business Sector: consulting services Image: energy saving and environmental impact assessment
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