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How to procure a unique electronic technology

Description: About Us:

Conceived and launched from the Indian subcontinent by a team of technocrats, our company acts as an exclusive global platform for mutually beneficial interchange of ideas, inventions and technologies. These inventions and technologies are primarily developed and sourced from the Indian subcontinent itself. The company maintains absolute confidentiality in all its transactions so that the best interests of all the parties involved are protected. Our headquarters is situated at Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of the state of Kerala; in South India.

About our Showcase:

At present we are showcasing two technologies in the prototype form itself, for outright sale/transfer, and the primary technology presented is a unique Electronic Ballast solution, successfully developed, tested and certified as per the important parameters of hereunto unachieved Indian Standards for testing of Electronic Ballast. We would like to draw your kind attention to the fact that, Indian Standards for Electronic Ballast was formulated way back in the year 1991, and has been derived from the corresponding International Electro technical Commission (IEC) Standards, and till date there is no Electronic Ballast in the Indian lighting market adhering to these Indian standards in full. Further, there is no Electronic Ballast in the International lighting market adhering to the IEC Standards; ones from which the aforesaid Indian Standards have been directly derived.

Electronic Ballast as aforesaid has been developed by keeping one wattage of Tubular Fluorescent Lamp (TFL) as the “reference lamp”. Emphasis was given by us in developing the technology in the first place as per the aforesaid standards, and for that, the TFL which has the largest market share in the Indian lighting market with respect to volume of sale has been chosen as the “reference lamp”. Needless to say, the technology can be “fine tuned” to suit the wide range of TFL’s of different wattages as per the needs of the manufacturer.

We are also showcasing a unique “Universal Transient Protector” (UTP), an unearth electronic circuit that acts as a single point solution to problems caused to all kinds of electronic equipments, due to short circuit, overload or transient impulses (including transient impulses whose current wave has a varied phase angle when compared to the normal input supply line current wave); in the supply line.

About Authentications:

The Electronic Ballast developed by us is presented in the prototype form itself, as two versions, and both the versions adhere to the aforesaid standards. The prototype has been successfully tested for compliance to all the important parameters of Indian standards for testing of Electronic Ballast with respect to the technology developed, and test certificates have been obtained from internationally accepted and accredited testing institutions. They are presented at our site as bonafide third party authentication regarding the technology developed. We have also presented BMI Power profiler snap shots, relevant oscillograms, detailed explanations to the Test Reports, simplified specification chart etc so that absolute clarity is obtained regarding the technology presented.

Regarding the UTP, we are willing to demonstrate before the proposed buyer all the tests which he requires to be convinced regarding the claims made by us regarding the technology’s performance.

About Transfer of Technology:

We are interested in the outright sale/transfer of the technologies showcased, as a one time transaction, either directly or indirectly to an international corporate business house, who can fully exploit the global market potential of such kind of pioneering technologies. Regarding the Electronic Ballast presented; we are fully willing to demonstrate before the proposed buyer of technology (with witness testing facility), all the tests done by us as per standards, and any other tests which the buyer feels is important and critical in evaluating the performance of the technology. For the purpose of evaluation as mentioned here, the proposed buyer is also invited to bring their own calibrated testing equipments, to assess the performance of technology as per any benchmarks for performance evaluation which they would be following. Such evaluations shall be done on mutually agreeable terms.

About Marketability:

Indian lighting industry is estimated to be worth approximately 20 Billion USD per annum. The uniqueness and pioneering nature coupled with cost effectiveness of the Electronic Ballast developed, creates unparalleled market advantages, which would result in synergizing a monopoly situation in this particular product segment for any manufacturer. To ensure this, the technology has been developed in the completed prototype form itself in a highly cost effective manner by our Technology Development Team. The cost of the components (including the PCB) for manufacturing a single Electronic Ballast is well within 2.5 US Dollars (the price of components is computed as available in the Indian retail market). On a mass production level, the cost would further come down radically, when components are sourced directly from the manufacturers themselves.

The uniqueness of UTP is that it gives total protection against spike, short circuit, overload and transient impulses for the equipment that is operated with it, and the UTP does not create any major power or voltage loss when used in tandem with the equipment. The manufacturing cost of the circuit is less than 2 (two) US Dollars, and the cost would further come down as per the scale of economy of manufacturing. UTP can either function by itself in the input supply line of any equipment or can be incorporated in other electronic equipments to ensure total protection, thereby making it totally versatile and internationally marketable.


This executive summary is by no means comprehensive but is only a bird’s eye view about our company and the technologies presented by us.
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We are interested in the outright transfer / sale of the technology for the Electronic Ballast.
Author: ubiloky from India  Posting reviewed by: 549 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 23 April 2007
Region of business: any Posting ID: 2274
Business Sector: electronics Image: electronic ballast, universal transient protector
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