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Internet Search and Promotion Co-operative Community

Provide Venture CapitalProvide Venture Capital
I wish and offer a Universal Free Monthly Profit-Sharing Project.

I imagine a free Co-operative Community Operating in the "Local and Global Internet Search and Promotion" Sector, utilizing advanced and ingenious systems and technologies.

I plan to introduce an innovative, extraordinary, ingenious, solid search and promoting system that will by far improve the current traditional existing ones.
The new system will probably decrease the distance between the user and promoter letting anyone find or promote locally and globally as never before with extreme simplicity and efficiency.

The Marketing Plan
I wish to remark the concept that this project is NOT a Multilevel Program or a Pyramidal scheme.
On the contrary it is a Cooperative Based Project that Redistributes back to members most of the whole revenues coming from the services / products offered and before mentioned.

What this Project can offer
- Monthly Profit-Sharing JUST for FREE Registrations
- Sized Web-Based Investing in Exclusive and 100% Innovative features of the Project, that must be without Competitors if they want to succeed.

Further more I imagine the Profit-Sharing distribution below....

Monthly Profit Sharing
Each Month 80 % of what is left from the Community Revenue after paying expenses will be distributed in bonus.

Payments to Members

The 80% distribution is placed into a Bonus Pool, which is split FIVE (5) ways.
5% FREE - General members !
50% Active members ( FREE members who log in the members area, help the community with inputs and alternative contributes etc. )
30% Founders
10% Charities voted by the members
5% Investors and key senior management

Please focalise the attention to the profit distribution and you'll see that FREE and ACTIVE ( that are also free ) members participate to the profit -sharing with good returns.
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
Need Customers
Need Customers
- Free Registrations / Partners
- small / medium Investments for passive returns without competitors
- Free recruiters getting Free / Paid members
Author: onasavo from Italy 
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Country of business: whole world Published on: 16 June 2007
Region of business: any Posting ID: 2307
Business Sector: Internet Image: Internet search community
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