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Description: The Non-Fossil Fuel Concept Car Marketing Scheme

I recently written some proposals I believe an automotive company should take up and used their full potential. The proposals are entitled initially “The Non-Fossil Fuel Concept Car Proposals”, and basically outlines how I have come up with a scheme will should and could enable a Car company to finance the research and development of a mass produced non-fossil fuel car.
Basically in brief what I am proposing is that a Car company, set out to produce a mass produced non-fossil fuel, and with my proposals the initial need for financing of the research and development of the Concept car would be taken care of.
I would propose that the said car company widely advertises the fact that it is going to produce a mass produced non-fossil fuel car, which will be ready in 3 years time. What the car company would then do is give the car buying public the chance to put down a 10% deposit (i.e.£1000) for the privilege of owning one the world first mass produced non-fossil fuel concept cars. The public could make down payments via the Internet or at the car companies forecourts. I would estimate that if the project was marketed right that at least 1 in 100000 of the world population would want to put down a deposit for the concept car, thus raising in excess of £600,000,000.00 for the research and development of the world first non-fossil fuel concept car.
The are numerous reasons why the world market wants a mass produced non-fossil fuel car, which include environmental reasons, ethical reasons and probably just as important financial reasons. These reasons are outlined in depth in my proposals, plus other innovative ways to make this marketing scheme for a mass produced non-fossil fuel car work. I have outlined how Internet customers could have a input as to design of the concept car, choosing the most popular aspects of current car design they like.

I came up with my “Eureka” moment when I was researching the Virgin Galactic web-site, which describes, how people can book a seat on a Virgin Galactic flight, which will be ready in so many years time, and for the privilege of doing this you have to pay a down payment of 10% of the cost of the flight. As the flights cost around £100,000, and I believe that sales of tickets has risen to over 50,000 that is £500,000,000 towards the research and development of the first Virgin Galactic Flight.
Pondering this very clever bit of marketing, I thought to myself, why this principle could be applied to the world’s first mass produced Non-Fossil Concept Car (e.g. Hydrogen powered car). Very simply, I have roughly proposed that the car company involved markets the idea of a conceptual Non-fossil fuel car, which has yet to be built, and offers customers the chance to make a down payment for one of these non-fossil fuel concept cars (which would translate as 10% of a £10,000 car). My theory is that if you could get 1 in 10,000 of the world population to make a down payment, the car company involved could generate revenues of well over half a billion Dollars.

I believe the figure of 1 in 10,000 of world population is achievable, as if you did a survey of car buyers, I would grantee you the majority would say that they would want a mass produced non-fossil car at some point in the future for a variety of reasons. If a car company takes up my proposals, it will be in a very strong position in the market place, getting a head start on its rivals.
The main reason people want a financially viable non-fossil fuel car, is that petrol prices a going up at a unsustainable rate, to the point where some motorist simple will not be able to drive a car. Oil price will continue to go up until the point where is not financial viable for most motorist to drive a car. That is when the there is a definite need for a non-fossil fuel car. The next reason, is that government tax fossil fuel to the hilt, with more oil prices go up, the more tax is levied on petrol and diesel. This just speeds up the process of more and more motorists being unable to run fossil fuel cars, hence the need for an alternative. Then there is the environmental reason, with the world getting warmer, and natural catastrophes occurring all the time, and fossil fuel cars being blame. That in turn gives governments an excuse to tax the fossil fuel car more and more. Finally there are ethical reasons, for example that most of the war zones in the world is where there are large supplies of oil. Maybe if the majority of car on the roads where non-fossil fuel cars, then maybe there would not be so many conflict in the world. I believe a lot of people worldwide would agree with this sentiment.
Also with my proposed way of financing the research and development of the Non-fossil fuel car, the car company involved will not have to invest quite so heavily as other competitors, as it would have a franchise on the scheme if possible.
Take time to consider the implications of my proposals if they where implemented, and the effect on your industry, and the advantage it would give the car company concerned over its competitors in the industry. You or one of your company’s representatives can contact me via this web-site.
A car like I am suggesting will come into existence, it is just a matter of time, and which car manufacturer starts the ball rolling. The advantage of using my proposals, is that it will be a lot less of a financial risk for the car company concerned to undertake the production of such a car.
I am willing to work with a third (venture Capitalist, businessman/woman), who can get my proposals sold onto a car, but we would need to discuss things further.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I need a venture capitalist, businessperson, to buy my proposals, and then go on and sell my proposals to a automotive company, and make a vast profit for there initial outlay.
Author: fiwyfur from United Kingdom  Posting reviewed by: 3595 users
Country of business: world area Published on: 19 July 2007
Region of business: Western Europe world area Posting ID: 2331
Business Sector: automotive Image: non-fossil fuel car
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