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Market research

Description: I work as freelance researcher. My area of expertise is analysis of supply and demand side of market and the stake holders of the supply chain.

I have already worked for few companies in the field of Fresh fruit and Vegetable business, Logistics - Demand and supply side of Logistics market in India and a relative comparison with developed markets like Germany, Analysis of online education market, analysis of importing commodities from African countries like Madagascar.
Need from others:
Need Customers Need Customers
Professionalism of my work can be assured from my old clients, I can provide their contact details upon request.

Terms of service are quiet flexible, I divide my work in two parts. A initial report with nominal charges and upon approval of the quality of report main course research shall be undertaken. Thus leaving a win-win situation for customers, and the customers pay only when they approve the quality of research.
Author: afaceki from Germany 
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Country of business: world area Published on: 07 August 2007 history
Last modification on 08 August 2007
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