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Online Sales - Vegetables & Grocery

Description: In India middle class business / office staff spend almost (6 days x 9 hours + 2 hour/ day travelling) i.e. 11 hours a day travelling and get only one day for shopping of weekly vegetables and grocery.

Given an option for online shopping of daily use good quality grocery, vegetables, fish / meat / mutton / chicken etc., with free delivery to their house / office in city limits.

Payment online / cash on delivery.

Ordering with day and time to be received. (Orders for any day to be taken)

Option to be given to return the goods if not good / bad quality material.

I would be happy to buy online vegetables and get delivery at office or home directly at preferable time.

If a business with this Idea having central warehouse with many delivery boys can do well.

If I had huge funds, I would definitely invest in this sort of shopping specially in Metros initially and other cities later. This will have no competition in the beginning but will effect big malls like Bigbazar, Spinach, Foodland Fresh, etc.

This idea can be used to start business of some FMCG organisation.
Need from others: I need someone to implement this idea of business. Maybe even somebody who has existing chains / malls.
Author: obeloti from India  Posting reviewed by: 690 users
Country of business: India  Published on: 10 August 2007
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2340
Business Sector: wholesale and retail Image: online vegetables grocery sale
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