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Fiber Glass Recycling

Description: I would like to investigate a feasibility of fiber glass recycling. At this moment in Western Europe there are many used fiber glass wind turbine blade and used yachts that are either burned releasing CO2 or end up in rubbish dumps.
To my knowledge there isn’t any company recycling fiber glass on an industrial scale. Why is that?
It is known that the crushed and pulverizing fiber glass can be reused by mixing it with virgin resin to form new fiber glass product. The powder can also be added to other materials such as cement mortar, concrete, paint providing products characteristics not found in original material widening the range of applications in many industries.
There is a patented technology available for fiber glass recycling, see the patent description here:

The sketched project economy:
1) buying / getting free used fiber glass parts
2) on site processing to cut the parts to suitable sizes for transport. A special truck with crushing equipment could be used.
3) transport of crushed fiber glass to a pulverizing plant
4) investment into a crush and pulverizing plant

1) selling the powder to companies using fiber glass materials

2) selling the powder to companies supplying construction materials such as cement mortar, concrete, various plates, boards, paint, etc.

3) getting support from government for recycling initiatives.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
I am looking for a partner who could assist with feasibility calculations and technical questions:
1) I need a sample of pulverized product to present it to various companies supplying construction materials and fiber glass products to find out what price we could get here in Denmark and other countries as well.

2) I need to know if there exist a commercial plant for fiber glass recycling and how much it costs. A plant in Europe would be preferable.

I could arrange some funds for this project but I need a solid cost / revenues calculations to present the case.
I am prepared to offer a shareholder partnership to 1-2 partners who could help me to get the project from going.
Author: jan from Denmark 
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Country of business: world area Published on: 20 August 2007
Region of business: Western Europe world area Posting ID: 2347
Business Sector: recycling Image: fiber glass recycling
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