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Ghosts & Goblins - revolutionized eat & drink concept

Description: There is a marvellous land beyond dreams, kept in the depths of time since the dawn of faith. A unique place of rare beauty that kids and adults will love to meet! A magical world long forgotten, trapped by an evil spell... until now.

Alone, this fantasy universe won't ever come true. It needs someone special who can help it and give it life! A powerful wizard who knows the secrets of magic to break the vile spell and set it free! A sorcerer who can bring it back to our time and turn it into an outstanding business; a business like no other, ready to quake the "eating & drinking" concept for the first time!

This is not another ordinary business project in the restaurant category. It isn’t certainly another "eating & drinking" shop like so many others on the market. Ghosts & Goblins goes beyond anything known to date in its category. It is intended to revolutionize the "eat & drink" concept, the way we have fun with friends and, above all, be a reference point in the customer’s freedom to choose.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
We need true, serious and faithful investors. What we have is a unique business project for the most original Business ever seen in the whole planet! We need investors who can support a BIG project and make it live!
If you possess such powers, please come cast your spell now.
Author: ukokoty from Portugal  Posting reviewed by: 459 users
Country of business: Portugal  Published on: 31 August 2007 history
Last modification on 01 September 2007
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2361
Business Sector: food and tobacco Image: Ghosts & Goblins eat drink concept
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Ghosts & Goblins - revolutionized eat & drink concept  by ukokoty , 31/08/2007 , 459 Picture in the Posting , 3 Credits needed to contact the author
Ghosts & Goblins - revolutionized eat & drink concept  by witawev , 30/11/2007 , 365, 3 Credits needed to contact the author


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