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New Zealand - The Worlds Testing Market Awaits You

Description: New Zealand is reknowned for being a testing market. We often get movies, music, computer, and game releases before any other country. The reason why is that we are very multicultural with a broad spectrum of the population with disposable income, therefore it is a great place to discover who your products most appeal too without losing your shirt.
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I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Management and employment relations, taking three stage three Entrepreneurship based courses. I qualified in the top 10% of my year giving me life long membership to the Beta Gamma Sigma society.

I have 18 years work experience in predoinately professional corporate companies, including 5 years with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. I am currently working as a Finance Manager in an infrastructural management company.

I have skills in finanace, accounting, management, office and systems creation, and also IT administraton. I have a strong leaning towards entrepreneurial thinking (yes, strange for an accountant) and am looking to launch a business venture from a small cost base, but with a huge idea.

An obvious business partner would be someone who has everything that I don't. Strong marketing skills with a focus on getting the product to the appropriate market, creation of strongly branded and productised ideas, and it goes without saying exceptional people skills and contacts with accredited suppliers and trustworthy customers.

However, I'd also be interested in bringing in another party to the frame, someone with strong product engineering and development skills. Someone who can take a problem and identify a saleable solution and then design according to the customers needs.

I am an extremely hard working man, but very sick of working so hard for "the man" without getting the returns I believe I deserve. I currently have a holding company and a property company that are registered with the NZ Companies Office.

So, if you have great ideas and want to see them tested in a great market then let me know. I have a strong leaning towards the "team" environment ... so let's starting working together towards something big.
Author: lisacom from New Zealand  Posting reviewed by: 500 users
Country of business: New Zealand  Published on: 17 September 2007 history
Last modification on 23 September 2007
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2372
Business Sector: general opportunity Image: New Zealand testing market
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