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We call these 'orphan sign-ups', Examples include when someone finds your community on a major search engine, or via a Press Release or simply word-of-mouth, This means you will receive lifelong commissions when they purchase any of the commissionable products that we offer such as advertising, e-learning products, Web Conference Rooms etc. You can take this as cash or use it to fund paid advertising on the Network.

Double Credit Ad Bonus.
The Community Partner Advertising package is discounted advertising. As the first person purchasing advertising on a particular community, you receive twice as many ad credits. We call this the 'Double Your Ad Credits' advantage. Other people will need to wait until we open the general advertising later and will pay the Full Price.

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Community Ads are sold in $25 units for 5,000 impressions. They are the second ad from the top on almost all of the pages in the Network.

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Online Communities' are becoming Big Business. MySpace, Facebook and YouTube are just the beginning. It is your turn to benefit from this growing trend of Communities. Never before has a comprehensive network of communities of this magnitude been created.

We are setting out to create a network of over 20,000 Local and Special Interests communities, which will be the place you and people around the world go to find what they are looking for on the Internet. Each will be a destination where members not only create the information content, but also provide the quality control and feedback to ensure you obtain accurate and credible information.

We have a step-by-step blueprint which uses this 'collective wisdom' to ensure that each LocalWorld and World of Interest grows into an ' authority community ' and is the place people trust.

We'd like to empower you and a team of other entrepreneurs around the world to contribute to the achievement of this goal and to experience the substantial benefits of ' Community Commerce '.

The Community Partner is not a franchisee and their role is not to create all of the content or to manage the site.

Instead, Community Partners will help us 'kick-start' each community by helping to attract the people to that community who will become its lifeblood.

As a Community Partner, you'll receive the support and training you need to generate a significant ongoing income stream as described below.

Becoming a Community Partner?

Your first step to becoming a Community Partner is to Purchase a Community Partner Advertising Package. The price of a package depends upon the population of a Local World community or the popularity (based on online search frequency) of a World of Interest.

For example, a Community Partner package for a local area of population of less than 125,000 or a typical World of Interest subject will typically cost US$250. The most popular World of Interest such as Music is $8,000

You can navigate the Local and Interests Menus to find the availability and prices of Community Partner advertising packages.

You can purchase more than one package through our secure online shopping cart. We accept PayPal or Major Credit Cards via PayPal. Other payment options available by negotiation.
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Author: onasavo from Italy 
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