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Description: I am trying to introduce our new company and to obtain any feedback regarding our services. We are also interested in any investors or people looking for affiliates. Our new revolutionary service allows our members the option of renting movies online or by phone and then having the titles delivered right to their door. Once the order has been placed with us, our pre-zoned drivers are texted immediately through our new software and the members address and title will be sent to the driver. Each driver carries up to five copies of the last few years new releases to eliminate driving back and forth, and we would like a driver on hand at the distribution center to deliver any odd titles that may not be carried in the vehicles which would decrease delivery time. Inventory is already on-hand from our previous business, and our memberships are residual, plus we have all of our previous members already on board. Eventually we would like to have a driver for all five mile radius zones, implementing a regular route for each driver just like the postal service. We do understand that cost of gas and insurance is going to be high, however we feel that these expenses will be well worth the convenience to our members, and strongly feel this ground breaking movie rental service will bring many new members to us. We hope that these new ideas can revolutionize home entertainment by providing ultimate convenience to movie renters worldwide someday. Wouldn't it be cool to get a pizza and a movie delivered right to you within an hour, along with snacks and beverages?

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We are currently looking for any investors that may want to get involved with the entertainment industry. Movie rentals are one of the world's largest entertainment mediums today, and with the release of HD and Blu-ray we feel that there will be a market for people that want to conveniently rent movies for many years to come. We have been doing research regarding the movie rental giants, of course we mean Netflix and Blockbuster. In the last few years they have steadily increased their membership base with the release of the delivery by mail program, which allows members to rent movies on-line, and then wait three days to receive them in the mail. Now rental companies are trying to get into the downloading stream, which allows its members to order a movie on-line, and then crowd around a computer screen to watch their new rental. Sounds great right. Well, we have come with a new idea, delivering movie rentals right to the members’ doorstep. In his new era, people want instant gratification. I know I do. Think about this for a second, why is food delivery so popular? Why is shopping online so popular? The answer may be laziness, however we feel that the answer has something to do with peoples busy lives. How many times have you asked someone how they have been, the answer used to be GOOD or OK, but when you ask that same question today nine times out of ten the answer is BUSY! People are just too busy to do many of the things they want to, so why not make life a little easier for them. Imagine being able to drag and drop movies onto a your calendar a week ahead of time, and then having the movies delivered to your doorstep at a time that you specified. Wouldn’t that be great? Think about being able to order food for delivery along with a movie and having everything come right to your door. Sounds pretty good considering how many families have multiple children on different schedules and doing different activities. We are trying to come up with new ideas to get rid of the hassles of renting, while bringing entertainment right to your doorstep!
Please give us your feedback.
Author: pedason from United States 
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Country of business: US Florida  Published on: 26 November 2007 history
Last modification on 21 December 2007
Region of business: countrywide Posting ID: 2448
Business Sector: entertainment Image: movie rental
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