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Casino players web guide

Description: The website will offer casino players in the United States to see recent slot winners and other games from numerous casinos. Pictures, narratives and videos will be displayed from every available gaming establishment. Information on the casino, amount won and denomination of machine being played will be updated often.
Different sector of the US will be displayed, in creative venues, highlighting the casino operations. Additional information will be available including casino size, number and kind of machines and table games. Information will include an abbreviated description of hotels, restaurants, location maps, and amenities.

The casino market in the US is vibrant and growing. A strong economy and aging population assures continual growth for the present. Gaming has become more prevalent with more casinos in more states. Legalized gambling is a 54 billion dollars (gross revenue) a year industry. The top 20 US markets had sells topping 28 billion dollars. In 2005 a full quarter (25%) of the US population visited a casino.
Expansion to overseas markets is possible. Macau China is expected to rival Las Vegas in the near future.

The marketing will center on listing major casino/resorts as part of the site. Recognizing winners will be a necessity to stimulate new and returning gamblers. A regional sale force will engage these facilities with the advantages of participating in this premier gaming website, where the lucky winners are shown along with other promotions, special events and resort amenities. will first create a demonstration site to be used by the sales team, to list the major casinos from the top 20 markets. The founders hope to raise capital to outsource this demo site and launch an innovative informative site. A must see for gamblers.

1. The primary source of revenue will be from the annual listing of major casinos as participants in the web site.
2. Promotional ads will add to revenue after establishment of a working site.
Need from others:
Need Capital Need Capital
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
We hope to raise capital to outsource our demo site and launch an innovative informative site.
Author: awatawy from United States  Posting reviewed by: 1218 users
Country of business: world area Published on: 05 August 2008
Region of business: North America world area Posting ID: 2634
Business Sector: entertainment Image: casino web guide
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