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Worldwide Loan Club

Description: WOW! This Really Works!


Breaking News! WLC is now accepting Solid Trust Pay
and Alert Pay. You may now pay via a Credit or Debit
Card through Alert Pay.

Brand New Team Build, now starting, join
now and be at the Top of the List.

Our WLC Team Build will not only build
your complete team for you, you will also get
100% of your $102 Investment back.

We are so impressed with The Worldwide Loan Club
that we have created our own Team Build and CO-OP.

Join Our Team!

You know the problem, most people cannot Recruit
enough paying members to qualify for Long Term
Loans. It takes six paid members in your downline
to Permanently Qualify for Loans. We also know
trying to recruit paying members is also impossible
for many people.

We have solved the problem
of Recruiting for you.

If you join our Team Build, you will be refunded your entire
$102 initial fee over a three month period AND we will
place six paid members under you so you will qualify
for over $1,400 a month forever.

Join Our Team!

We have no hidden agenda, there is nothing else you
have to do, simply send us your request to join our
team. We will send you the next available joining
link to The Worldwide Loan Club. Join within
24 hours and you are in our team, it's that easy!

Already have a WLC Business Center?
That's okay, just start a new one with our team.

Important: Read instructions on our website
carefully, we would hate to see you become
disqualified for our team because you
didn't follow instructions.

Join Our Team!

You must hurry, we are not sure
how long this offer is going to last.

Nemiah Bynum, Program Administrator
Need from others:
Need Business Partners Need Business Partners
The maximum number of positions we can have in this program is many as you want - To qualify each position you only need to have just two referrals. Anyone joins after that will go to my personally sponsored people or their people as needed.
Author: oburafu from United States  Posting reviewed by: 2260 users
Country of business: whole world Published on: 17 August 2008 history
Last modification on 13 September 2008
Region of business: any Posting ID: 2646
Business Sector: financial services Image: Not available
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